Prayer of Repentance for Mime Participation  

Father God of Heaven and Earth!  Lord, I thank you and bless your holy name for who you are.  You are the lover of my soul and the Almighty One.  I declare that there is none like you in all of the earth. You are Lord and you are worthy of Honor, worthy of Praise and worthy of Glory.  Lord, today I come to you in humility—asking for forgiveness for I have trespassed against you and dishonored your name by participating in mime activities.

 I repent because I have learned that mimes represent many Gods and a host of spirits—all contrary to your character.  I repent because there is none above you and none greater than you in all earth.  Lord, I ask that you use me for your glory and I ask that you strengthen my ability.  

Prompt me to read the scriptures  more so that I may be able to discern good from evil. Lord show me or remind me how you want me to minister to your people.  Search me and know my heart, try me and know my ways and if there be any wicked thing in me, please lead me in your path.

I also ask that you remove all residue associated with mime. Teach me anew your way and grant me peace as I seek to do your will. As I live to honor you, I also ask that you give me the courage to stand by the convictions that you have placed in my heart.

Through the power of your Holy Spirit, I also forgive all who are responsible for leading me down a path that dishonors you, whether knowingly or unknowingly.

Finally, I thank you for grace and conditional love and pray this prayer by the authority and victorious name of Jesus. AMEN